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Investigator-Initiated Studies

The aim of the UCB Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) program is to support unsolicited, and independently initiated and conducted, studies that have the potential to enhance medical and scientific knowledge.

Therapeutic Areas of Interest

UCB is primarily focused on the following areas of therapeutic expertise (alphabetically listed):

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UCB will also consider innovative ideas that enhance patient care and advance scientific knowledge.

UCB support may be provided in the form of funding and/or investigational drugs (product or compound manufactured/owned by UCB).


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Submitting a Concept

UCB is using the eRequest on-line submission portal to manage all Investigator-Initiated Study requests worldwide. To submit a concept, please click here:

If a concept is recommended for a full proposal submission, an IIS Team member will contact the applicant with instructions.

eRequest is available for IIS submissions worldwide.



You can contact your local UCB Medical Science Liaison or UCB Medical Affairs office in your country.

All IIS process queries should be sent to