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Professional development

Taking the Lead

At UCB, each colleague can drive their own performance, training and development, by setting 'smart' objectives, taking into account their goals and aspirations. Continuous dialogue with your manager is the key to the way we manage performance throughout the year and develop our leaders. Your development may include opportunities to relocate around the world.

Leadership Programs

To train and develop our leaders, we have developed four core leadership programs. These programs are designed to:

  • Help our leaders understand their style and strengths, and the skills they need to develop
  • Enable them to facilitate and implement change in the organization
  • Encourage them to take ownership of initiatives
  • Develop their capacity to lead their teams successfully toward shared objectives

Continuous Improvement

We believe that the key to continuous improvement is ongoing training and access to educational resources. UCB’s dedicated Talent Development program offers colleagues a variety of training courses throughout the year aimed at enhancing various skills such as creativity, project management, storytelling, strategic thinking and much more. UCB also offers colleagues access to resources such as Harvard ManageMentor,, and Toastmasters.

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UCB employees thrive on challenges, curiosity and collaboration.