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U.S. Post Marketing Commitments

Post marketing requirements and commitments are studies and clinical trials that sponsors conduct after product approval to gather additional information about a product's safety, efficacy or optimal use. Some of the studies and clinical trials may be required; others may be studies or clinical trials a sponsor has committed to conduct. Additional information about Post Marketing Requirements (PMR) and Post Marketing Commitments (PMC) can be found on the FDA website.

UCB is committed to ensuring patient safety and transparency of our PMR and PMC obligations. UCB provides the FDA with annual reports on the status of any study conducted pursuant to a PMR or PMC, until the requirement or commitment is fulfilled. Information about these PMR or PMC studies can be found on the FDA searchable website, which is updated quarterly. Click here to access the FDA website. For UCB studies, insert "UCB" in the "Applicant" field of the search form.

The National Data Bank (NDB) is the largest patient-reported research data bank for rheumatic disorders in the United States and works to improve treatment outcomes for people with rheumatic disorders. Physicians can click here to learn more and register new patients.