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2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility

Operating in a caring and socially responsible manner, especially when it comes to improving the lives of people with severe diseases through innovative therapies and support programs, has been one of the distinguishing characteristics of UCB for many years.

We are driven by a passion to make a genuine difference in the lives of patients and their families in a caring and socially responsible manner.

We do this by:

  • Involving patients and caregivers first-hand in all facets of our business - patient centricity
  • Respecting employees and providing an environment where people can express their talents
  • Complying with strict regulations governing the biopharma world
  • Working towards a green planet through the use of clean technologies

We welcome any suggestions or comments you might have. Please email us at

To learn more about CSR at UCB, click here to visit the CSR page on our global website.

Canine Assistants

Seizure response dogs immediately change lives for their owners, but their extensive training can take up to 18 months. That's why UCB supports Canine Assistants and the important work they do. Our partnership ensures that each dog gets the extensive training that it needs, and that more needs of the epilepsy community are met. Since 2003, UCB’s support of Canine Assistants has provided more than 250 seizure response dogs for people with epilepsy.

Click here to visit the Canine Assistants website.