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Championing Change as a Patient for a Better Tomorrow

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    At UCB our colleagues come to work laser focused on developing better treatments for patients living with severe diseases. Christof Jensen, Vice President and Head of the Raleigh Site, strives for small successes in this journey and takes opportunities to share insights to hopefully create a better life for others. Read more from Christof about why he puts patients at the heart of everything he does.

    Diagnosed more than 27 years ago, I have now lived more than half my life with Type 1 diabetes. As for many patients, there have been tough questions along the way: “What is it?” “Why me?” “I have to do what – for how long?” The overall journey has been good in my opinion, but dynamic none the less. Long periods of relative consistency coupled with acute periods of instability. Subsequently, related diagnoses have also been a part of my journey thus having to monitor and make life changes to avoid the most serious of consequences are all part of the story. This juxtaposed with the availability of more targeted and better treatments, more advanced options for treatment delivery, and the blossoming of technology for individual and healthcare provider use have made the journey more manageable and tolerable.

    I often ask myself, “Can I be more attuned to the role I have as a consumer of medicines and devices as a high-end producer of medical waste?” This is a tough question from an accountability perspective as a patient and for the environment. My WHY is best summarized as this: I believe there is value in translating my personal story and insights into how we develop and bring new medicines to patients and their families in an environmentally conscious way.

    So, why am I proud to work in the healthcare industry developing new medicines, and specifically with a company that puts patients at the heart of everything they do? UCB’s reason is much more than bringing new medicines to patients. It is about trying to understand and facilitate a patient’s ability to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and to be productive. It is about ensuring they understand their disease and are empowered as a healthcare consumer. It is about making patient’s aware of their role in reducing medical waste and sparing the environment. Through togetherness in the broadest sense – patients, families, doctors, regulators, insurers, advocates, and biotech industry – we can tackle the challenges of living with a chronic disease. It is a journey well worth taking to create a better tomorrow.

    About the Author
    Christof Jensen serves as Site Leader for the UCB Biosciences, Inc. Raleigh office, working with approximately 250 colleagues to build and broaden UCB’s external network with local academic institutions, public policy makers, and other pharma industry businesses. He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1992 and has held positions of leadership and increasing responsibility. Joining UCB in 1996, he is working in clinical development and works cross-functionally both regionally and globally.

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