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My North Star

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    At UCB, we're focused on helping patients living with severe diseases that have significant unmet needs. For Dr. Mohamed Yassine, Head of U.S. Medical Affairs, his desire as a doctor shifted from treating individual patients to discovering and developing options that would lead to better outcomes for hundreds of thousands of patients. Read more from Dr. Yassine about why patients are at the heart of everything he does.

    'I knew early on that medicine and the promise of science inspired and intrigued me. When I was 6 years old, my parents jokingly started calling me “Dr. Mohamed” – perhaps making my ultimate career choice inevitable – because of my fascination with science, my penchant for asking questions and a strong desire to make a difference.

    Fast forward to my early days during medical school and academia, splitting my time between research and patients. I’d gotten to know two patients with cancer from the time of their diagnosis and followed them through the moment that any doctor dreads: telling someone, who just happened to be unlucky enough to have a devastating disease, that we had run out of options and there was nothing else that we could do. Seeing patients’ helplessness at the news and knowing that we had exhausted all existing medical options, left me with a profound sense of failure and frustration.

    In that moment, my desire shifted from treating an ultimately limited number of individual patients through medical practice, to a deep-seated urge to discover and develop options in the pharmaceutical industry that would truly lead to better outcomes for hundreds of thousands of patients – that’s where UCB comes into the picture.

    I joined UCB because the company’s mission matched my vision of how I wanted to make an impact on a broader scale. At UCB, patient-centricity isn’t a tagline, it’s genuinely what we use to hold ourselves accountable and is the foundation of our efforts.

    Everything we do at UCB rests on reaching the right patient with the right medicine at the right dose at the right time. By culling down our focus to specific areas, it makes complex decisions to prioritize our efforts easy. Simply put, we know that patients are the priority and that always remains our north star.'

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    About the Author
    Mohamed Yassine, MD is the Head of U.S. Medical Affairs, Patient Value Operations. Leading UCB’s U.S. medical community, Dr. Yassine also oversees UCBCares®, facilitates cross-patient value unit consistency and best practices, and governs core medical activities. He directs efforts to provide value to patients with autoinflammatory, bone, and neurological diseases through partnering with external stakeholders in education and research collaborations.

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