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  • Our Continued Commitment to Patients, Including Those with Rare Diseases

    Posted by Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications & Public AffairsUCB Chris Headshot Blog_1

    This Rare Disease Week, we continue to raise awareness about the need for continued innovation and development for rare diseases. At UCB, we have a fundamental commitment to people living with severe diseases, their caregivers, and their families, to help them to live their best lives. This means innovating to bring differentiated solutions with unique outcomes, offering the best individual experience, and ensuring access to all those who need these solutions in a way which is viable for patients, society, and UCB.

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  • Delivering Value for Patients Now and In the Future

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
    Since 2015, our Patient Value Strategy has been the driver of UCB’s approach to delivering value for patients. Our operational model puts patients and their individual experiences at the heart of everything we do – from discovery to development to delivery.

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  • Recognizing Patients Who Inspire Us

    Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications & Public Affairs
    At UCB, we innovate to bring differentiated solutions with unique outcomes that help specific patients achieve their goals. To do this, we always start with the patient – listening to their experiences, what they value, and what their needs are – keeping them at the heart of everything we do. In honor of Patient Recognition Week, check out a few stories that inspire us to continue to invest in research, expand our scientific understanding, and deliver solutions that provide patients the best individual experience.

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