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  • UCB Supports Indiana University Research on Epilepsy Emergency Room Educational Materials

    Posted by Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications & Public Affairs
    The emergency department is a common point of medical intervention for epilepsy patients. We recognize there are more than one million visits to the emergency department every year for epilepsy-related seizures . These visits are not only a significant cost to the healthcare system, but also often leave patients with questions and unease related to their epilepsy diagnosis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also recognized epilepsy as a public health challenge where patients need more skills and resources to manage their condition effectively. That’s why UCB Inc. is working with Indiana University School of Nursing to address existing gaps in care when it comes to emergency department visits and epilepsy care.

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  • Diversity in Clinical Trials: UCB’s Approach

    UCB Kim Headshot Blog
    Diversity and inclusion in clinical trials is critical, and UCB is working to find new ways to connect to unique patient populations through our technological and data driven approaches. Kim Doggett, Head of Site Engagement, and her team focus on how they can provide value to patients by finding new ways to build relationships with clinical investigative sites to ensure we are reaching the targeted patient populations where we hope to provide meaningful solutions. Read more from Kim as she shares UCB’s diversity and inclusion approach to clinical trials.

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