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R&D pipeline

The UCB pipeline delivers:

-    a promising portfolio targeting severe diseases and addressing unmet medical needs
-    focus on neurological and immunological diseases
-    more convenient and effective treatments for patients and specialists.

UCB is connecting science in new ways to illuminate the biological pathways involved in severe diseases. Our researchers are developing a range of novel chemical entities (NCEs) and novel biological entities (NBE) to improve people’s lives.

Small molecule drug / NCE

Small molecule drug / NCE

Antibody-based drug / NBE

Antibody-based drug / NBE

Neurology Indications Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Filed
padsevonil / UCB0942 (PPSI)epilepsy – highly drug resistant
phase 2 three quarter
radiprodil / UCB3491Infantile epilepsy
phase 1 half


Parkinson's disease
phase 1 half
Immunology Indications Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Filed
bimekizumab (IL17AF)psoriasisphase 3 half
 psoriatic arthritisphase 2
 ankylosing spondylitisphase 2
dapirolizumab pegol (CD40L antibody)**systemic lupus erythematosusphase 2 three quarter
(PI3K Delta inhibitor)
Sjögren's syndrome (+ APDS Phase 1b)
phase 2 first quarter
rozanolixizumab / UCB7665immune thrombocytopenia + myasthenia gravisphase 2 first quarter
UCB4144 / VR942****asthmaphase 1
UCB6673*** immunological diseasesphase 1 half
UCB7858 / UCB0159auto-inflammatory diseasesphase 1 half
Bone Health Indications Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Filed


post-menopausal osteoporosis + osteoporosis in menphase 4 half
In collaboration with Amgen
In collaboration with Biogen
In collaboration with King's College
In collaboration with Vectura

Information provided on this pages represents molecules currently under investigation and are not approved by any health authority worldwide.