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U.S. Public Policy Inspired by Patients

UCB is committed to the discovery and development of innovative solutions that create and deliver value for patients living with chronic, severe diseases – giving hope and improving lives. At UCB, we are inspired by patients and driven by science. 

At the foundation of these policy positions is our patient value strategy, which aims to deliver: 


  • Unique outcomes that help specific patients achieve their goals; and
  • The best individual experience; while
  • Improving as many of these lives as possible. 


We are committed to the continued evolution of the healthcare system toward recognizing and rewarding value through a policy environment that advances innovation, better incorporates patients in value-based care, and promotes affordable access for patients to the right medicine at the right time. Our policies inform UCB’s strategic engagement in healthcare public policy discussions and reflect our commitment to incorporating the patient voice in every stage of drug discovery, development, and delivery. UCB stands with the patients we serve and continues to work to create sustainable, patient-centered solutions to provide recognized value to patients improving their lives now and in the future. UCB recognizes the importance and connectivity of stakeholders across the healthcare system and is committed to working with a broad range of partners to invest in and deliver value for patients.

With a continued focus on innovation to address unmet patient needs, UCB supports policies that align with delivering meaningful value to patients.




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UCB believes in maximizing the patient voice in drug development and patient care. UCB supports policy approaches such as:


  • Advancing policies that encourage innovation in the development of new medicines, services, and access models 
  • Ensuring that FDA review and approval of medicines includes the patient voice 
  • Creating patient-preferred clinical trials and responsible approaches to sharing clinical trial data
  • Incorporating patient perspectives in healthcare quality measures and value assessments





Value-Based Care

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UCB is committed to supporting value-based care for patients. UCB supports policy approaches such as:

  • Supporting informed healthcare decision-making 
  • Collaborating with healthcare payers, providers, and policymakers to advance value-based care
  • Adopting outcomes-based payments for healthcare that reward value and encourage continued innovation

Affordable Access

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UCB believes in promoting affordable access to care for patients. UCB supports policy approaches such as:

  • Ensuring patients have access to a range of affordable health plan options that meet their individual needs
  • Empowering consumers with transparent and reliable formularies and clear information on out-of-pocket costs
  • Protecting the provider-patient relationship, to ensure the right medicine can reach the right patient at the right time 
  • Providing assistance for patients who cannot afford needed medicines