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U.S. Public Policy Inspired by Patients: Innovation

Maximizing the patient voice in drug development and patient care


UCB is committed to the discovery and development of innovative solutions that create and deliver value for patients living with chronic, severe diseases – giving hope and improving lives. UCB invests approximately one-quarter of its revenue back into research and development and is committed to continuing its focus on innovation. UCB believes patients should have a voice in all forums relevant to their care, including incorporating the patient perspective throughout the drug development and assessment continuum.


Advancing policies that encourage innovation in the development of new medicines, services, and access models


  • We will continue to invest in the research into and development of transformative solutions that provide differentiated value for patients, delivering the right solution, to the right patient, at the right time. 
  • We support purposeful and thoughtful engagement of patients to identify gaps in care that prevent patients from living the fullest and healthiest lives possible, and finding solutions to unmet patient needs.



Ensuring FDA review and approval of medicines includes the patient voice

  • We recognize the need to develop evidence to demonstrate the value solutions bring to patients and accelerate access to new innovations; we support the inclusion of patient perspectives in drug development and other clinical risk assessment initiatives such as the FDA’s efforts on patient-focused drug development.


Creating patient preferred clinical trials and responsible approaches to sharing clinical trial data

  • We are committed to working with patients to understand what is valuable to them and incorporating these insights into our research and development processes to create patient preferred clinical trial experiences.


Incorporating patient perspectives in healthcare quality measures and value assessments

  • We support integrating patient and provider input into the development of frameworks to assess the value of medicines or quality of care, for example development of quality measures by entities such as the National Quality Forum, value assessment frameworks such as the FasterCures Patient Perspective Value Framework, and outcomes-based frameworks such as from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.