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Bridging the Gaps in Osteoporosis

  • Posted by Bianca Anderson, U.S. Communications
    Every three seconds - that is how often it is estimated that a fragility fracture occurs. Although nearly 9 million fractures occur annually worldwide, oftentimes people think fragile bones are an inevitable part of getting older, but a fracture may more commonly be the result of an underlying condition: osteoporosis. This May for Osteoporosis Awareness Month, we’re highlighting things to know about osteoporosis and our commitment to addressing the gaps impacting those living with the disease.

    What is osteoporosis?1 – Osteoporosis is often called the silent disease as there are no symptoms or pain until a fracture occurs. And although our bone structures may seem to be unchanging, bone tissue is dynamic and constantly being remodeled, repaired, and replaced in response to applied stress. Sometimes, bone tissue decreases more quickly than it can be replaced, leading to a net loss in bone strength. Learn more by reading 5 things to know about osteoporosis.

    What gaps exist in understanding and awareness?2 A survey released by UCB found a lack of awareness and understanding of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in those most at risk. Further, less than half of the survey participants said their healthcare professional had spoken to them about osteoporosis or fragility fractures. The survey confirmed, older Americans want to live longer, healthier lives and want to be proactive about managing their health and wellbeing.

    How is UCB playing a role? Last year, UCB partnered with OpenIDEO, an open innovative platform, to launch the Healthy Bones, Healthy Aging challenge. In this collaboration, UCB and OpenIDEO asked innovative thinkers inside and outside of healthcare to reimagine older adults’ care experience after breaking a bone due to osteoporosis with the goal of ensuring it’d be their last fracture.

    We’ve also teamed up with the non-profit organization, Rebuilding Together®, to help repair Marilyn’s home, who suffered from a broken hip and fragility fractures, as well as other service projects. Through collaborations with organizations like OpenIDEO and Rebuilding Together®, we are able to increase awareness about the impact of osteoporosis, help patients living with the disease, and the need for more solutions for patients.

    As part of our mission to keep patients at the heart of everything we do, we’re pleased to help spread awareness about the impacts of osteoporosis on the lives of patients. We stand with patients, caregivers, and providers in support of those living with osteoporosis, this month and every day, to help bridge the gap in awareness and understanding of this “silent” disease.


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