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Prioritizing Employee Wellness at UCB

  • Posted by Casey Stephan, U.S. Communications
    At UCB, we know to successfully bring value to the lives of patients we need to cultivate a healthy and connected culture within. This is why UCB provides its employees at its U.S. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and across the U.S. with the tools and facilities to prioritize their well-being.

    “Our leadership supports the health and wellness of our employees immensely because they know in order to be a healthy and productive employee, you need to provide resources to support their well-being,” Bob Beck, Head of U.S. Facilities said.

    Bob decided to create the trails at the Atlanta campus a few years ago as a way for employees to not only get exercise outdoors, but to socialize and connect with each other. With this in mind, the trails extend over the entirety of the campus with exercise stations along the trail. 

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    This wellness culture is not new to UCB, but with facilities, such as the fitness center (pictured above) in the Atlanta headquarters, wellness has become an innate part of being a UCB employee. Kim Jannusch, a receptionist for UCB, has witnessed this firsthand over her 17 years at UCB.

    “As UCB has grown, so has the wellness culture amongst employees. I think anyone who has seen it grow, has found it is contagious to want to join in,” Kim said. This is evident in the number of participants in the group fitness classes offered four times a week including yoga, Pilates, and strength training. Now with a majority of employees working remotely due to COVID-19, UCB offers virtual class options, as well.

    But wellness is not just encouraged to employees with access to HQ, UCB Well is a program designed to virtually connect colleagues across the U.S. through setting goals and competing in challenges based on different aspects of health and well-being. The online and app-based platform presents resources and challenges to employees to help them achieve goals, receive points, and eventually earn rewards.

    “There are many different ways to define wellness, that is why I wanted to integrate a platform where colleagues could improve their physical, social, and mental health together,” Lynne Knapp, U.S. Benefits Lead, said.

    “By focusing on employee wellness, we ultimately bring value to patients we serve,” said Beck. “We believe that healthy, happy employees translates to the creation of better experiences for patients.”

    Learn more about working at UCB Atlanta.

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