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UCB’s Eddy Han-Burgess Leverages Data to Improve Patient Lives

  • Posted by Katelyn Snider, U.S. Communications and Public Affairs
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    Edward (Eddy) Han-Burgess, UCB’s Epilepsy Prediction and Integrated Analytics Lead, is featured in a researcher profile on talking about his work leveraging data and mathematics to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.

    Although medicines exist to treat epilepsy, each person responds to treatment differently, and it can take some patients years to find a solution that works for them. At UCB, Han-Burgess and his team are using a mix of mathematical modeling, big data, and artificial intelligence in hopes of more quickly identifying the unique characteristics of someone’s condition so they can be connected to experts sooner and ultimately help find the most individualized treatment.

    After finishing college at age 18, Han-Burgess began his career in investment banking, where he spent much of his time examining the biopharmaceutical industry. In this role, he developed an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of health care, including payment models, cutting-edge science, advocacy efforts and research and development pathways. This knowledge aided his shift from banking to the role he holds today at UCB, where Han-Burgess is motivated by stories, like the patient described in the video, to develop better ways to connect future patients with the most optimal treatments for them, faster.

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