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UCB and DEARhealth Collaborate on New Software to Improve Patient Care

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    UCB is collaborating with DEARhealth, Inc. to improve care delivery for people living with epilepsy. More than 1 in 26 Americans will experience epilepsy at some point in their lives, and many also suffer from stigma around their condition.

    At UCB, we put patients at the heart of everything we do and are committed to delivering patient value through innovative solutions, that ensure that we positively impact the patient experience of living with epilepsy. In collaboration with DEARhealth, a software company focused on value-based disease management, we are focusing on improving patient experiences and health outcomes with the hope of reducing overall epilepsy health care costs. Leveraging DEARhealth’s software system to empower value-based disease management through artificial intelligence (AI) powered care pathways integrated into electronic medical records (EMR) coupled with UCB’s experience in epilepsy, this collaboration will support the patient-clinician relationship at the center of a patient’s experience.

    The tool will incorporate educational and support materials into an EMR where a clinician can access them as part of a comprehensive patient care dialogue. This has the potential to change how patients and health care providers interact and encourage patients and their caregivers to pay an even more involved role in their treatment. Learn more about the collaboration here:

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