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UCB researcher, Henrik Klitgaard, Featured in PhRMA’s GOBOLDLY Campaign

  • Posted by Allyson Funk, Head of U.S. Communications and Public Relations
    Throughout November, Epilepsy Awareness Month, we’re shining a spotlight on epilepsy, a severe neurological disease that 1 in 26 people will develop in their lifetime.

    We are committed to finding solutions for severe diseases like epilepsy. The hard work of research and development is tedious and fraught with setbacks along the journey. Still, we press on to find solutions for the unmet needs of patients.

    Yesterday, PhRMA launched a new GOBOLDLY “Together” pair featuring UCB epilepsy research fellow Henrik Klitgaard and epilepsy advocate Loretta. Earlier this year Henrik and Loretta each spent a day in northern New Jersey telling their story to be captured in the campaign.

    In the new video and print spots they share their stories of battling epilepsy from the lab bench and in life, as a patient and mother. Learn more about Henrik and Loretta on

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